How to get metrics out of concourse


I am trying to figure out how long it takes for certain pipelines end-to-end. Are there ways in concourse or other tools that exist to do this?

Also if I am trying to ask similar questions as - How long did these two jobs that run one after the other take? -Are there tools that support such queries already known to concourse team?

If not I see that I can use the API to get granular data to some detail and try to build my own. I was trying to find out if there are other similar efforts before trying to build something myself.



Hi Sudhindra, I’m also looking to do this (as well as get more granular info about how long each step takes in a build). When you say that you can “use the API to get granular data” do you mean the events API? I’m having trouble figuring out a good way to do this myself.


Hi Dan,
I mean that I could use fly api as follows to get details on builds

fly -t jobs -p pipelinename --json

and find details like below for each job…and then do some tricky math myself(like what if there are parallel jobs etc.)

“start_time”: 1550612014,
“end_time”: 1550615385

I am more interested in finding out if concourse provides such an aggregated metric somewhere.

Ready to chat more about this.

Hope this helps.


You can configure the ATC to emit metrics. Read more in the docs:


Thanks for that @Colin. I will try to figure out how to configure the ATC for our concourse and go from there.