How to enable recourse on v5.8.0

I am trying to enable pr resource. But as I am on v5.8 I can not use command enable-resource-version What is the best available option to enable a resource version?

To use a custom resource you need to add it to the resource_types section of your pipelines YAML.

The command you’re talking about, enable-resource-version, is about telling concourse if it should use a specific version that a resource produced. This command is also available from the UI, it’s the checkmark beside each version on the resource page.

Thanks, @taylorsilva . I think i didn’t provide enough inputs. I already have custom input, with resource-type teliaoss/github-pr-resource . Now I want to pin this resource with “pin-resource” command and with “–version” . But some times when i pin the resource sometimes it is not is checked status. So it is not not triggering new job.

Sorry for the late response!
I don’t understand what you were trying to explain. Are there screenshots you can share to help clear up your problem?