How to deploy a worker node on cloud foundry


Hi all,

I have been running a Concourse CI server locally (through docker-compose), but am running into accessibility issues with that setup (as well as an issue with workers stalling on restart), which is getting more and more in my way. I thus wanted to deploy a very simplistic Concourse setup with a single web-node and a single worker-node on a CloudFoundry service provider we are using.

The problem I am facing is that the concourse worker node expects to be run with root access, while cloud foundry explicitly does not want me to do that ( when using a binary build-pack deployment.

I assume one way might be to have the worker node deployed through a docker build-pack, which would encapsulate a root account, but is this the recommended route I am supposed to take? It feels a bit weird that I can not find a simple way to run a concourse worker node on a basic cloud foundry service. I guess I was hoping this would be more straight forward and I didn’t have to rely on the docker containers any longer.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I was going to start the worker node like this:

# needs to run as root !
sudo ./concourse worker \
  --work-dir $PWD/worker \
  --tsa-host \
  --tsa-public-key ./keys/worker/ \
  --tsa-worker-private-key ./keys/worker/worker_key

My cloud foundry deployment manifest was going to look something like this:

- name: my-concourse-ci-worker-1
  memory: 1024M
  instances: 1
  command: ./
  health-check-type: process
  no-route: true

The great thing about doing it this simplistic would be that I I could just have the keys generated locally and they would be pushed via cf push, but if I have to put this in a docker container then managing the keys between the web node and the worker node seems more painful.

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