How do I pass the local folders to Concourse Pipeline ?

I have some project dependencies which are not pushed to GIT, so I need to pass those files as input to the pipeline.

This is similar to passing files as arguments specified in docker build. When I try to run the pipeline with the input flag, I get an error error: unknown flag `i’ .

With Concourse you don’t run the pipeline per se. You first set the pipeline then when it runs it is the Concourse server that is running everything for you. As a result you can’t do what you are suggesting and pass local files to it.

The only way to get external files into a Concourse pipeline running on a Concourse instance is via resources.

An alternative that might work for you if you only want to run one task is to use fly execute which takes your locally defined task.yml and runs it on the Concourse server. You can pass local inputs to this command…