Homepage QuickStart Docker Compose setup broken


I’ve followed the instructions in the Quick Start box on https://concourse-ci.org; docker-compose up appears to be working fine. I downloaded the fly binary just fine, and it also seems I can work with fly without issue.

However, I’m unable to log in to the website at with test/test. I’m getting a 400 error in the browser (or a 0-byte sized download “callback.dms”). The log output from docker-compose shows this:

concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"1533804511.790213108","source":"atc","message":"atc.sky.userinfo.failed-to-parse-authorization-header","log_level":1,"data":{"session":"4.65"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"1533804511.792697430","source":"atc","message":"atc.sky.userinfo.failed-to-parse-authorization-header","log_level":1,"data":{"session":"4.66"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"1533804512.225232601","source":"atc","message":"atc.sky.userinfo.failed-to-parse-authorization-header","log_level":1,"data":{"session":"4.67"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"1533804512.229132891","source":"atc","message":"atc.sky.userinfo.failed-to-parse-authorization-header","log_level":1,"data":{"session":"4.68"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"1533804512.806375265","source":"atc","message":"atc.sky.userinfo.failed-to-parse-authorization-header","log_level":1,"data":{"session":"4.69"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"1533804512.809813261","source":"atc","message":"atc.sky.userinfo.failed-to-parse-authorization-header","log_level":1,"data":{"session":"4.70"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"1533804515.798489809","source":"tsa","message":"tsa.connection.keepalive","log_level":1,"data":{"remote":"","session":"1","type":"keepalive"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"1533804517.189260244","source":"atc","message":"atc.dex.event","log_level":1,"data":{"fields":{},"message":"login successful: connector \"local\", name=\"\", email=\"test\", groups=[]","session":"5"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"1533804517.195830345","source":"atc","message":"atc.sky.callback.failed-to-fetch-cookie-state","log_level":2,"data":{"error":"http: named cookie not present","session":"4.71"}}

This happens with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I’m using Docker for Mac 18.06.0-ce-mac69 (26398).


Hi, are you sure you didn’t change the PORT?


Please also read through this:


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I did exactly what I wrote.

It appears there are two docker-compose.yml: one on the homepage and one in the tutorial repo itself: https://concourse-ci.org/docker-compose.yml from the homepage, one from the tutorial https://raw.githubusercontent.com/starkandwayne/concourse-tutorial/master/docker-compose.yml.

The one from the homepage uses the latest tag for the docker image, whereas the one in the tutorial repo uses 3.4.1; also, the tutorial one disables auth.

$ diff -u homepage-docker-compose.yml docker-compose.yml 
--- homepage-docker-compose.yml	2018-08-01 16:37:36.000000000 +0200
+++ docker-compose.yml	2018-08-08 15:29:33.000000000 +0200
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
     - PGDATA=/database
-    image: concourse/concourse
+    image: concourse/concourse:3.14.1
     command: quickstart
     privileged: true
     depends_on: [concourse-db]
@@ -21,6 +21,6 @@
-    - CONCOURSE_ADD_LOCAL_USER=test:$$2a$$10$$0W9/ilCpYXY/yCPpaOD.6eCrGda/fnH3D4lhsw1Mze0WTID5BuiTW

it might be a good idea to correct the instructions on the homepage.


It looks like the tutorial you followed is maintained by Stark & Wayne. They are probably a little out of date compared to the most recent release.

The concourse-ci quick start tutorial is here: https://concourse-ci.org/install.html#quickstart

And you can also find more comprehensive docker-compose examples in the official concourse docker repo: https://github.com/concourse/concourse-docker


Someone has already posted an Issue on the Stark & Wayne tutorial repo about this:


I’d like to point out that the instructions on the homepage lead to frustration, because following the steps there does not produce a working install.

I hope I do not need to explain why this is problematic.

The link in the quickstart box on the homepage links to the Hello World example at https://concoursetutorial.com/basics/task-hello-world/. As such, I consider the tutorial as part of the product. The fact that there is additional material called quick start elsewhere only leads to confusion.


Hello Stefan,

I understand your frustration, but please consider the tone you are using. Concourse is a free and open source software, not a “product”. Snarky remarks like “I hope I do not need to explain why this is problematic.” are not helpful.

The page you mention can be edited by following the “help improve this site” link, what about proposing a change once you have figured out what is broken ?



I apologize for the tone of my last reply. I’ve opened an issue. I’m not sure I have the time to dig into the web site setup myself.


thanks, appreciated! :slight_smile: