High Availability Ready

I have been using ConcourseCi for 2 weeks now… and loving it.
If i wanted to start using ConcourseCi in an enterprise production environment i would need reliability to be top priority.

Is any able to share some guidance on how to setup High Availability for ConcourseCI.
id probably use traefik as the LB and have a master slave setup for Postgres.

Generally your options for clustered/robust Concourse deployments are BOSH, Kubernetes, or rolling your own solution.

See my post here for more information on the first two.

For creating your own solution it depends on the rest of your architecture/how you deploy other things. In essence Concourse is just a go binary that you need to run with some flags. One solution I’ve seen at an AWS shop was custom AMIs that run the Concourse binary at startup then are managed by ASGs.