Having issue with trigger : true in concourse

Hi All,

I have a git repository set up as a resource using the git resource type. In my jobs I have the get step for the repository setup with trigger: true .It was working fine, but suddenly its not working.
Then I went to concourse and checked resource manually , after that pipeline ran fine.

Any one help to fix this issue?

Hi @Kousalya. Welcome to the forum!

It’s hard to say what’s happening without seeing your pipeline config. Can you post your resource definition and the the get configuration from your pipeline.yml? Also, what version of Concourse are you running?

Hi @Kousalya, When you check the resource manually, Concourse was able to pull the latest commits, which means it’s working as it s supposed to. You can try looking into the webhook that is configured for this resource. Go to your Git repo and perform a manual check and see if its able to reach the concourse resource. Also check the events pushed in the Webhook.
Second make some minor commits and see if the webhook is triggering the concourse check or not.
As crsimmons mentioned it’s hard to say without seeing the pipeline config.