Gitops with concourse

Hope some one can help us.

We are working on a spike to use concourse for our gitops solution.

What we want is:
–> access multiple git repositories.
–> apply kubernetes resources from each of their repositories using kubectl or helm.

For example our cluster is hosting many applications where kubernetes resources are stored in different git repositories, so we want to automate it using gitops solution by accessing all their repositories and applying those k8 resources in our cluster.

At the moment we use concourse to apply k8 resources for a single git repository, but we want to change that with above solution.

Let me know if you need any information.

perform a get on each git-resource representing each repo and then use them all as inputs to a task?

Thanks for the reply, we are dealing with 100+ customers , so providing all those repo’s as git-resource will be hard to manage.

Looking for options to provide them in a list and loop it though all of them??

Or any other options, please suggest.

I’m confused by your use case.

If they’re independent (different customers with different repos) and there’s a 1:1 mapping between a repo and a deploy, then you should just create a pipeline with vars to represent the repo parameters, and then set-pipeline multiple times, once per repo.