GitOps For Your Pipelines

In this blog post we're going to cover how to use git and Concourse to automatically set, update, and archive your pipelines using the set_pipeline step. No longer will you need to use fly set-pipeline to update any of your pipelines!

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This is really great way to set pipelines. Now I am looking for additional guidelines on how to dynamically manage (github’s) pull requests? Say you want to create a new pipeline or modify an existing one. Obviously, it has to go through review/validation before the pull request gets merged. We don’t want to update the production pipelines until the pull request is merged.

So would you recommend creating new pipeline(s) for every pull request, run the pipeline(s) for the pull request and once the pull request is merged, archive the pipeline(s) that were used to validate the pull request?

Yep! That’s the idea. We’re working away at the v10 roadmap which is what will allow all of that to be fully automated.