Gitlab CI vs concourse



I am looking comparison of gitlab CI/CD vs concourse. I didn’t find any good. Maybe even more important is future of concourse vs gitlab CI/CD. I have experience only with concourse.

If somebody have experience in both I would like to read his/her opinion :slight_smile:


Stay with the light side of the force :wink:

No i haven’t done a comparison by myself but i think this would be a very nice idea for a blog post. I plan to write a post about a CircleCI / Concourse comparison.


@gdenn Can you say a few words here about CircleCi vs Concourse?


not yet, i am still getting into Circle and i am not comfortable to already make a comparison :slight_smile:

But we are at a point where we cannot just turn our back on other CI/CD solutions as our clients demand a justification why we should use Concourse.

Nevertheless i am a Concourse fanboy, love the community, love the freedom we have with it.


How about that topic? It would be great to read / watch somebody who has experience in both.