GitHub User Access Restrictions (v 4.0)


Hi - I was wondering if there is a way to generally restrict to a group of GitHub users that are allowed to login to concourse when setting up OAuth. I setup GitHub Auth as described here:

I have read this part about assigning specific GitHub users to concourse teams:

As this is not designed to work for the main team, I am not clear about what the intended user / admin pattern is now.

  1. When using GitHub Authentication - does that mean all GitHub users are able to log into Concourse, if it is exposed on a public URL?

  2. Is the intention with the main team to only have local users (as admins) assigned to this team?

  3. Is setting CONCOURSE_MAIN_TEAM_ALLOW_ALL_USERS=true at the same time as having GitHub Authentication generally a bad idea - since it will make all GitHub Users Admins?



Ok, what I didn’t see before are these options:

Authentication (Main Team) (GitHub):

I assume I need to define those appropriately and set: