Git resource trigger on new tag

I have created a resource that i expect to trigger pipeline execution when creating a tag on our decumentation branch

  • name: documentation
    type: git
    check_every: 10m
    branch: ((branch-name))
    private_key: ((git-key))
    uri: ((git-url))/((product-name))/((component-name)).git
    tag_filter: v-*

Unpaused pipeline satus says waiting for new version


Create new tag in git $git tag -a v-1.0.0 -m “Version 1.0.0”

Job never starts

I have to ask, but did you git push --tags after the commit? Otherwise the tag will just be local and not on the repo referred to by the uri:.

Thanks, i though push only would trigger, but yep --tags did it !