Generic oauth with concourse 4.0


We configured generic oauth in Concourse 4.0 and we added to the main_team.auth.oauth.groups property the uaa group called concourse.main.
We added then an existing user to the uaa concourse.main group and the user could authenticate from the Concourse web ui but, for some reasons, it’s wasn’t part of the main team (= wasn’t able to see the pipelines).

fly teams -d shows in the groups column the oauth:concourse.main

Adding the user to main_team.auth.oauth.users worked, but this is not something we can use.

Are we missing something or is there a bug somewhere?


Hi @pstiva,

I’m currently facing the same issue (Concourse 4.2.1) regarding uaa, groups and Concourse teams. Were you able to solve this issue?