Forum design feedback please!

Hey! I’m working on the design of our forums so it feels a little more integrated into the rest of our site/content.

I’m DOIN’ IT LIVE, so things may break or jump around here and there - sorry. :sweat_smile:

Let me know in here if anything looks broken (with screenshots please!) - Discourse is tricky to style as I can only really make additive CSS/HTML changes, so it’s a bit like this:



I think it’s looking good so far @vito.

One comment I have at the moment is that the styling of hyperlinks seems a little bit too subtle. I find links like this one easy to miss.

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Good catch, thanks! I’ll fix that up.

Also: just noticed everything is horribly broken on mobile, so I’ll take a look at that too.

The text for the categories in the hamburger menu seem to have disappeared. (The font colour is white)

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Fixed! Thanks.

To avoid the minimum 20 character minimum reply count I’m just gonna start :heart:ing posts I’ve fixed.

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