Fly Command Docs

The new website layout seems to be missing most of the fly commands. Previously there were instructions for all (most anyway) available fly commands. Currently there’s only 4 commands documented and links directly to commands from Google results return a 404.

They all appear to still be documented as listed here: https:// concourse-ci. org/docs.html (new users can only have 2 urls in a post apparently)

I think what’s happened is that rather than having separate docs pages for each command the team has decided to move fly commands into the sections that they relate to.

i.e. fly set-pipeline has moved from (what you get from Google) to

I’m sure the Google index will update soon.

Nice, apparently my eyes glazed over looking for everything organized under the fly CLI but that section now only contains some global commands like login. Everything is now organized by topic.

Yep! We wanted to try a different organization so that we could group things around the important objects (pipelines, jobs, etc) and use fly as a vehicle for demonstrating the things you can do with them.

You can also use the search up top if you want to jump straight to a command (just start typing ‘fly whatever-command’).

Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully it makes sense now.

(And yeah, hopefully Google’s index updates quick enough.)

On the subject of the docs, I’m seeing a 404 error trying to get to the highlight.css stylesheet. I only went looking because the rendering of the new docs was so different I assumed I (or the browser) had done something wrong!

I also note that mentions that ‘it’s pretty likely that something has changed with the API, especially while we’re pre-1.0.’ - as Concourse is at 3.10.0 which is significantly beyond 1.0 :slight_smile: Or does this sentence mean the API is still pre-1.0?

Woops, that file has never existed, lemme kill that.

Also, good catch on the version number, I’ll fix that too.