Failed to authenticate Cloud Foundry auth?


Currently I’m passing into my web.env file the cloud foundry client_id, secrets etc. I successfully get the cloudfoundry log in button on my web ui however when I log in etc. I get this error in the logs

Failed to authenticate: CF connector: failed to get token: oauth2: cannot fetch token: 401 Unauthorized\nResponse: {“error”:“unauthorized”,“error_description”:“Bad credentials”}

Was wondering if this has something to do with the actually characters in my CF_CLIENT_SECRET?


I am having trouble authenticating to CF, too. In which log file are you seeing that message? I am getting ‘invalid username or password’ on the Web UI, but I don’t see anything in the stderr and stdout logs that are provided by the BOSH deployment.


I got mine working however I did mine CF auth slightly different from how your doing it I think.

I added all my CF parameters into my Concourse web.env file then ensured my CLIENT_ID_SECRET didn’t contain some special characters (as some are not allowed e.g. ’ etc." and then it worked fine and now can log in via CF details though the web UI