Facing 502:Bad Gateway Error in Concourse



I am facing an issue of “502 bad gateway: Turbulence error” with concourse version 1.6 and this error is faced after 5-10 mins interval when we refresh the web page or its in stand still state, we checked the web vm cpu configuratrion it reached 90% in 10-20 seconds and tried checking the utilization when we faced the error but its not depended on that the current web vm size which we are using is m3.medium
the concourse is having large amount of jobs configured on it
I tried checking with traceroute and mtr command but the hops are not being shown
also tried using the ping plotter tool to check the packet loss in the network but its also not showing the hops
so can you pls provide ur suggestions ?
and do u think with upgrading concourse we would be able to solve this issue?
we are using the AWS as the platform to deploy concourse
We tried upgrading the concourse to 3.1 version but still we were facing the same 502 error.


How is your Concourse deployed (i.e. binary, docker, BOSH, etc)?

Upgrading certainly wouldn’t hurt - 3.1 is quite old and 1.6 is very old.


it is deployed via bosh
ok will be trying for upgrading it for version greater than 3.1
do you there may be any other resolution to this issue rather than the upgrade part because we had tried upgrade till 3.1 but we faced the same issue