Error when execute hello world

I’m following this tutorial
When running

fly -t tutorial execute -c task_hello_world.yml

I got :

    error: 'uploading task-hello-world' failed: Unexpected Response
    Status: 500 Internal Server Error

I’m running concourse using docker on AWS EC2 Centos7 open port 22 and 8080
This is log from server:

concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"2020-06-23T20:35:35.192417496Z","level":"info","source":"baggageclaim","message":"baggageclaim.api.volume-server.get-volume.volume-not-found","data":{"session":"3.1.59","volume":"00e7ebf6-7331-4c9e-5be8-5b54c5098dd8"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"2020-06-23T20:35:35.205146600Z","level":"error","source":"baggageclaim","message":"","data":{"error":"fork/exec /bin/tar: invalid argument","session":"3.1.63","volume":"00e7ebf6-7331-4c9e-5be8-5b54c5098dd8"}}
concourse_1     | {"timestamp":"2020-06-23T20:35:35.205340494Z","level":"error","source":"atc","message":"atc.create-artifact.failed-to-stream-volume-contents","data":{"error":"failed to stream in to volume","session":"591"}}

I found several similar issue on internet (change to NAIVE) but didn’t work for me.
I tried create another Ec2 then following steps in tutorial but got the same thing.
What basic step that I missed ?


Baggageclaim assumes you’ve got a tar binary and when you stream in it will run tar -C /dev/fd/3 -xz:

I haven’t checked it, but I’m guessing that tar on centOS 7 has surprising default behaviour, since most of our development on Concourse is done on Debian-based distributions.

EDIT: eh, I might be completely wrong about this, because it looks like you’re actually running this thing in Docker Compose on a CentOS machine, based on those logs…