Dynamic Get / Pass Files to Get-Step


I was wondering if its somehow possible to pass variables / files to a ‘get’ step?

Use Case: I currently try to use concourse to build and deploy a maven-based java application. At the end of the build-job I build and push a Docker container with the ‘docker-image-resource’. The tag of the container should match the version in the pom.xml maven file (= the tag is dynamic / the tag is known during the build time, not during the time the pipeline gets created). This is no problem because of the ‘tag_file’ param of the ‘docker-image-resource’ (I simply read out the version from pom.xml, put in in a file and pass that file to the ‘put’ step)

I was wondering if there is something like the ‘tag_file’ param for the ‘get’ stept of the ‘docker-image-resource’? This way during the deploy-job I could checkout the sourcecode, read out the version of the pom.xml (=read the tag), and after that pull the correct image by passing the tag to the ‘get’ step of the ‘docker-image-resource’.

I found How to pass parameters from job to resource?, but that is not helpful for me :frowning:

If the only answer is “you have to create a specific resource for each continer”, then why is it possible to push images with a dynamic tag? Whats the Use Case for only dynamic pushing and not pulling?

Thank you!