Downgrade possible from 3.14.1 to 3.13.0?


Hi. We are provisioning our concourse instance with concourse-up.

We have just upgraded from 3.13.0 to 3.14.1, and all of a sudden concourse is really slow.
Suddenly it is fast again for a few seconds, only to slow down again.

Login with fly : 20+ seconds
gradle build which previously took about 1-2 minutes. Now 15+ minutes!
Scheduling builds is slow, so pipelines with 4-5 steps now takes about 40 minutes!
GUI is slow (5-10 seconds to render a pipeline view)

The question is. Can we safely downgrade to 3.13.0 or are there breaking DB - changes?
(unfortunately we have no db-backup from 3.13.0)


We just tried. No luck. As we are using concourse-up, which bundles CredHub (which consumes huge amounts of CPU), we’ll look into migrating away from concourse-up and installing at ourselves.


Looks like you’re running into


Ahh yeah. :smirk: Hoping for a quick fix


We are running in this use case also frequently and as a last resort we have to delete our Concourse deployment and deploy fresh… :confused:

Could i dump the pg database, delete the Concourse deployment, deploy fresh and import the dump? This would be a downgrade that would always work…


Sorry to hear that. I think if you keep specifically teams table you should be able to at least keep that information and ditch the build data and running state. Not sure if your plan to backup and restore the entire db to a lower version would wor but you could alwakys give it a try.

Alternatively, you might want to consider fast-forwarding to our nightly release, which has been somewhat stable