Disabling `put`s implicit `get` step


I’m using mrsixw/concourse-rsync-resource to push build artifacts to a file server. It works well except for the fact that according to the put docs:

When the put succeeds, the produced version of the resource will be immediately fetched via an implicit get step. This is so that later steps in your plan can use the artifact that was produced. The source will be available under whatever name put specifies, just like as with get.

This means I get two rsyncs happening. One sends the artifact over, and the next syncs back every artifact ever built back to the build worker. I can understand how this would be extremely useful in some situations. However, this is the final step in my pipeline and all the fetched artifacts are then dropped. The more artifacts I build, the larger this step gets. The longer it takes and the more traffic it transfers.

Is there a way to disable this implicit get step? If not, is there another step type that will only call the out functionality of the resource? Is there another resource I should use that only sends artifacts in one direction?



Why does it sync back every artifact ever built? Shouldn’t it only fetch the single thing that was pushed?