Deploying Selected version for an artifact


When an application goes through CI/CD multiple versions are created, say 1.0, to 1.10, not every version has to go to production.
Assuming all versions are in a Nexus/Artifactory kind of repo, How to track which versions are deployed to Production? Also say 1.0, 1.4, 1.8, 1.10 make it to production. How can a user select and redeploy a previous version without redeploying the pipeline or hard coding the versions numbers.

For other tools like uDeploy, uDeploy keeps track of all your versions, you can select a version and re-execute a deployment, you can also track bt environment, which versions are deployed in which env.


Hi kulkaamb,

our release cycle pipeline works with the s3 resource to track which release versions made it to different stages.
This is as simple as pushing a reference to your release e.g. a release manifest to the next s3 bucket to signal the next stage that this release is ready to be deployed.