Declare Docker Image at Pipeline Level

Is it possible to declare all the parameters for a docker image at the pipeline or job level rather than the task level? I need to update my docker image on all of my pipelines and if I’m going to go through every single task in every job and every pipeline, I’d rather change it to a config file or something so I can easily change it again in the future.

Yup. You can define the docker image as a resource in your pipeline, get it in your job, then when you define your task use the image step.

Simple example (partially lifted from the page I linked above):

- name: my-task-image
  type: docker-image
  source: {repository: my-user/my-repo}

- name: use-task-image
  - get: my-task-image
  - task: use-task-image
    image: my-task-image
    file: some/task/file/somewhere.yml