Debug messages in a custom resource



I’m in the process of creating my first resource and the progress goes with little steps. Especially because I just can’t find out how to print debug messages.
I’m using python (3.6) and would very much like some help here. I already found some other resource projects build with python. They do use log statements and so do I but they do not show up anywhere.
I started Concourse using docker-compose (docker-compose-quickstart.yml).

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I don’t have a direct answer, but did you try to fly intercept the container of your resource ? if you can reach a shell there, then you can tail any log file, for example.


Hi Marco,

Thanks for the quick response!
Although not the most practical one this could help me out.
I was hoping for a way to make log statements appear in the (web)console or something like that bur for now I will go for your solution.