Dashboard : logged out (with browser refresh every 30 sec)



We have two teams, and have setup monitors on the wall displaying the pipeline dashboard for each team. (version 3.9.2)

However, even though the monitors are refreshing the browser regularly to keep the login-session alive, the logged in (dashboard) users will be logged out after some time (typically 24 hours?) .

This is the same behaviour as the fly cli, but with the cli this does not represent a problem.

For dashboard monitors on the wall, the desired behaviour should be to keep the logged in session.
(If not, the /dashboard page is not really useful).

I reckon others might have the same issue as well.


Two possibilities off the top of my mind, although you might not like any:

  1. Increase --auth-duration= for concourse web
  2. If you can afford to make the pipelines visible without authentication (maybe the web is accessible only from certain IP addresses), you can fly expose-pipeline


You are right, none of those are really what we want to do.


And to complicate further, we’re using concourse-up (https://github.com/EngineerBetter/concourse-up) to deploy concourse, so we have no control over --auth-duration


Hi @rune. I help develop and maintain concourse-up. I’m glad you’re finding our tool useful.

You are correct that we don’t currently expose that as a configurable value but I can add it to our backlog if you think it would be useful. If there are other features you would like to see added please feel free to raise issues on the repo.

As a potential (temporary) solution you can get the concourse manifest with:

eval "$(concourse-up info <deployment-name> --region <region> --env)"
bosh -d concourse manifest > concourse.yml

Then add the auth_duration option to the ATC then bosh -d concourse deploy concourse.yml

Keep in mind that running the self-update pipeline will revert the change so you’d want to pause it first.


FYI, at work we discussed about writing a MonkeyScript or similar to auto re-login the browser, exactly for this reason. We will make this open source if we do it (although I don’t yet have visibility on when).


Yes, someone mentioned that here as well. If you do make it open-source, it would be great if you posted it here :slight_smile:


Yes, we find concourse-up very useful.
Do you have any roadmap or time-estimate for upgrading to 3.10 (and 3.11) ?

(We would like to upgrade due to some issues that looks to be fixed in 3.10)


We’re currently trying to sort out some problems with worker registration during the self-update before we can upgrade to 3.11. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone on the bench at the moment so progress has been slow.