Concouse Based on Docker

Hello Guys,

I’m using concourse for now in my company, even though i’m used with pipelines based on docker. Is there any reason why this is based on Garden(?) containers ?! At this point the industry leader containerisation engine is Docker and we are using here garden containers. As of now i feel that the major flaw is using a new docker daemon on each docker task ending up on not using any of docker advantages (like caching) at least naturally, we must a cache image(doing stuff that docker do by nature). And spining docker daemons freely feels like overkill solution in most of the cases (my opinion) and not the correct usage of docker. Once, i got a screenshot from a worker and found 3 docker daemons running :frowning:.

Keep up the good work


fyi: docker daemons running are likely DinD, which isn’t going to change if concourse itself is running docker and then you run DinD on top of them

I suggest following this and related issues:

What you’ve pointed out is not an issue of using garden, but an issue of building image specifically, which require docker daemons to do so.
The other tasks/resources occurring don’t actually require the docker daemon at all.

This a flaw of docker actually.
A docker daemon is required to build an image maybe a flaw.
The concourse team is doing research into lighter weight building of images – for example.
It will limit the docker daemons being loaded on your worker.