Concourse worker Autoscaling in AWS



I’m trying to implement Concourse autoscaling of workers in AWS. Currently I have an AWS Autoscaling Group to bring up EC2 instances to act as Concourse worker “hosts”, however I’m loathe to setup autoscaling rules based on just CPU usage. I’d much prefer to be able to give Concourse itself access to scale the number of workers out/in based on metrics like “number of jobs” or “number of tasks” etc…

Does such a resource/plugin exist? I’ve tried going through the community resources list, but can’t find anything which matches the above.

For example, the behaviour I’m after would be something like Concourse web seeing 30 builds queued up, but having agents only for a capacity of 20 and therefore “spinning up” another agent.

Thank you

(Also, apologies if the question has been asked before, I did a quick search of the forum for “autoscaling” but couldn’t find much)