Concourse with Python

Does anybody know of examples using Concourse with Python?

I personally don’t have any specific examples but happy to chat here about what you’re trying to do.
Is there a specific example that you’re looking for? Do you have an existing workflow that you’re trying to port over to Concourse?

Hi Silva,

Thank you for reaching out, much appreciated. I am trying to do CI/CD with a Python project I have completed. This is going to production shortly. It is medium sized. The company I work for is using Concourse which I am new to and it would
be really good if I could use Concourse.

The Python project is connecting to Oracle and I was hoping to run integration and unit tests using Concourse pipeline and also deployment would be great.

Thanks, John

Hey - maybe I am misunderstanding the question. But concourse is totally agnostic of what language you build, deploy, or test. It’s more of a DAG manger.

For a python project you would have your tasks use an image with the correct version of python and other dependencies installed.

Right now at Focused Labs we have concourse testing go, ruby, and java.

Hi Austin,

Cool, I am new to Concourse. Yes, this is also how I was hoping it would work. I have been looking at a few examples. Great, thanks for your help

Thanks, John

It’s hard to come up with examples because, as Austin said, Concourse is agnostic to its workloads. If you can put it in a container then you can run it on Concourse! If you haven’t already I’d suggest going through the Stark & Wayne tutorial of Concourse:

I’m assuming you have some existing scripts that you use to run unit tests, integration tests, and do the final deployment as well. You need to replicate the environment that those scripts run in and containerize them for Concourse.

If you want examples you can check out Concourse’s main pipeline here:
All the task config’s and scripts are in that repo as well. You can also see the status of the pipeline here:

In case you missed it there’s also a couple examples on this page:
No python examples, but should give you an idea of how agnostic Concourse is to its workloads.

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