Concourse + Vault -> AWS not showing output

I have a successful HA Concourse instance along with Vault. Now I am at a loss thou when testing just a simple echo of a value in a pipeline pulled from vault to confirm its working.

BUT i just get echo and blank output. i piped the echo of the var into a file, the files there but nothing inside when i then cat the file to output. if i delete my entry in vault , for example
test1 = the team and demo = the secret that is being called like so. pipeline completes fine but zero output. now if i delete the entry in vault, i get the error of

failed to interpolate task config: undefined vars: demo

- name: job-hello-world
public: true
serial: true
- in_parallel:
- task: hello-world
platform: linux
type: docker-image
source: {repository: busybox}
SAMPLE: ((demo)
path: sh
- -exc
- |
echo $SAMPLE > /tmp/test
cat /tmp/test

I cant fully confirm concourse -> vault is working unless i can at least confirm this part. zero errors in logs

Answered my own question. BECAUSE params was 1 tab fwd from the run args vs back. and the format above didnt hold when pasting - but this can be closed