Concourse using Helm – Workers fail to start



I’m trying to deploy Concourse using Helm, but it seems that the worker containers fail to start. The logs contain only the following:

$ kubectl logs concourse-worker-0
Process exited with status 1

With this limited information, I’m not sure how to debug. The only helm configuration that I’m using right now is turning off Postgres chart and configuring connection settings for an external Postgres database. The web container starts up properly (I’m able to view the dashboard, log in, etc.)

Does anyone have some ideas on where to look next?


Aaaaaand now the problem has fixed itself. The only things that changed are that I destroyed the Helm release and recreated it (rather than just resetting values), and I’m now running from a different network. As I don’t expect the network to have affected anything I can only assume that changing Helm values did not properly reset the configuration and destroying/recreating put me back on a sane baseline. If anyone has seen this error before and knows what caused it, I’m curious to learn more! Otherwise, I’m back up and running!