Set pipelines started failing on us today. Eventually figure that the dockerhub resource concourse/concourse-pipeline-resource was updated to v4.0-pre to latest. Unsure what the changes are, esp to cause our set pipelines to start failing. Where would we find release notes on the latest image? We worked around by tagging for pr-36, but be curious to what missing to cause authentication issues setting pipelines, on our bosh, 3.8.0 instance…

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Same here. Yesterday pipeline auto updating failed with

Logging to /tmp/concourse-pipeline-resource-out.log228056038
2018/08/09 13:25:13 exit status 1 - not authorized. run the following to log in:

fly -t login

Fixed by changing the resource to use tagged version “3” from the docker registry


  • name: concourse-pipeline
    type: docker-image
    repository: concourse/concourse-pipeline-resource
    tag: “3”
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Pinning to the ‘3’ tag is the correct solution. For more information on this problem see the github issue.

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Yep, saw that, thanks for your notes, sorted again.

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We are now seeing this error again on tag 3 of concourse-pipeline-resource.

I see it was updated 13 days ago. Has this issue now been re-introduced on this tag with the latest update?