Concourse merchandising (T-shirts and similar)?

Hello team,

did you consider selling Concourse T-shirts, stickers and similar gadgets ? It would be a way for us happy users to show our support.

From my point of view, it would be up to you to decide how to use the money (beers or charity or anything else you see fit).

If you decide to do it, please consider a supplier that ships with reasonable rates all over the world, not only to the US :slight_smile:


Trying to get a Concourse shirt for ages … would appreciate it :slight_smile:

@jama any interest ?

Absolutely! We actually experimented with setting up a Shopify store and using Printful as on-demand swag printer; since they have reasonable rates for shipping in North America and Europe. We ran into some internal snafus that stopped the experiment, but I think I can take another go at it!


:+1: for Concourse tees!!

Maybe also some Piet Mondrian-esque art pieces as well. :stuck_out_tongue: :thinking: :art: I dunno, lots of cool things you could do with both the Concourse logo itself and the CI boxes/pipelines.

@jama friendly reminder (Concourse T-shirts) :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping me honest! Not a lot of updates to share unfortunately; I’ve been tied up with conferences (Spring One), roadmapping and onboarding a new PM (Scott).

However, just to tease ya’ll a bit we did up some new t-shirt designs for when we went to Spring One that I can share here:


That said, we’re still working out the logistics of accepting donations into Concourse through the swag store :sweat_smile:

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