Concourse memory leak


Hello Colleagues,

Concourse web nodes are getting repeatedly loaded high(memory).
What are all the possible causes?

BRs, Gowrisankar


Could you post the memory usage graph that shows that it is a leak ?


Unfortunately we dont have dashboard for concourse web. I have found from bosh --vitals. All the the time memory is ~90+.
I wanted to understand what are all the possible causes for this situation. What are all the checks i can do from my side to understand what is causing the problem.??


The fact that memory is at 90% doesn’t mean it is a leak! To say it is a leak, you need to observe it over time.

I think first you have to extinguish the fire. Add more memory.

Then you have to setup metrics collection and monitoring. You NEED this to operate Concourse. See Then you can troubleshoot and be proactive, instead of being reactive. There is no magic answer that can reduce your memory consumption.