Concourse FTP resource error

I am creating a dev environment for my maven spring boot application. Once I get a war file, I have to copy it to local tomcat. So I am using FTP resource to copy war file, but during check-resource I see an error with FTP.

id name status check_error
100 ftp succeeded
id name status check_error
101 tomcat-ftpupload errored resource script ‘/opt/resource/check []’ failed: exit status 1

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/opt/resource/check”, line 242, in
print(FTPResource().run(os.path.basename(file),, sys.argv[1:]))
File “/opt/resource/check”, line 67, in run
self.regex = re.compile(data[‘source’][‘regex’])
KeyError: ‘regex’

I am using below pipeline:


  • name: ftp
    type: docker-image
    repository: aequitas/ftp-resource


  • name: Dashboard
    type: git
    icon: github-circle
    uri: ((github-url))
    branch: ((branch-name))
    private_key: ((git-private-key))

  • name: tomcat-ftpupload
    type: ftp
    uri: ftp://((ftp-user)):((ftp-password))

Created a task which creates maven war file, and puts war file to ftp resource. Below is the code:

  • put: ftp-upload
    resource: tomcat-ftpupload
    file: maven-package-output/test.war

Could some one shed light on what the error is, Let me know if you need any other information.

You aren’t configuring the required regex parameter on your ftp resource. See the resource’s docs for details.