Concourse emitted metrics job/pipeline/build_name./build_id/build status not available in influx

I am trying to plot a table in grafana for build-finished metrics but somehow I didn’t find emitted metrics job/pipeline/build_name./build_id/build status but Influxdb I can only find the measurement “” not job/pipeline/build_name./build_id/build status as fields.

Any help here highly appreciated.

BRS, Gowrisankar

Hi Gowrisankar

I am facing the same issue when doing in prometheus, result of concourse Build Metrics data is 0 like below when I hit the endpoint.Not sure if we have any configuration file to edit these metrics and get the exact data, which they mentioned on concourse web site.

concourse_builds_aborted_total 0

HELP concourse_builds_errored_total Total number of Concourse builds errored.

TYPE concourse_builds_errored_total counter

concourse_builds_errored_total 0

HELP concourse_builds_failed_total Total number of Concourse builds failed.

TYPE concourse_builds_failed_total counter

concourse_builds_failed_total 0

HELP concourse_builds_finished_total Total number of Concourse builds finished.

TYPE concourse_builds_finished_total counter

concourse_builds_finished_total 0

HELP concourse_builds_started_total Total number of Concourse builds started.

TYPE concourse_builds_started_total counter

concourse_builds_started_total 0

HELP concourse_builds_succeeded_total Total number of Concourse builds succeeded.

TYPE concourse_builds_succeeded_total counter

concourse_builds_succeeded_total 0