Concourse Database-Stressing Tests?

Are there any extant tests for Concourse that would particularly exercise database connectivity? We’ve been working on a rather cool but gribbly way of introducing an in-memory cache between the web nodes and Postgresql. I was wondering if there were any existing things we could leverage for benchmarking, that would generate a lot of database load, so we wouldn’t have to write our own.

Any suggestions most gratefully received!

If you have a database backup with lots of build log data, performing lots simultaneous reads and writes to the build events tables should do the trick. The build events table is partitioned on team and pipeline id, get creative.

Hey Dan,
For doing end to end stress testing the Concourse team uses the setup in this repo

Ooh, thanks! That’ll definitely come in handy, and I wonder if we should run some of those in our Control Tower pipelines.