Concourse configuration prep for Prometheus

Does anyone have a how to document or a video showing how to configure concourse to emit health data? I am a noobie and need help.


It depends on how you’re deploying Concourse. In essence on the Concourse side you should only need to provide the --prometheus-bind-ip and --prometheus-bind-port flags when running concourse web.

Have you tried something already that isn’t working?

No, I need to write up detailed instructions to give to another team so they can implement. Then we can configure our Prometheus server to scrape. We control Prometheus someone else controls concourse.

Do you know how Concourse is being deployed (i.e. helm, docker, binary, bosh, etc)?


Thanks for responding. They have one Docker, one bosh I guess since it is deployed with PCF.


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For BOSH you need to set these options in the web instance group in the deployment manifest.

I’m not positive about Docker but I’d assume you just need to set the follwing env vars before starting Concourse: CONCOURSE_PROMETHEUS_BIND_IP and CONCOURSE_PROMETHEUS_BIND_PORT


Thanks for your help. I also believe they are now deploying via Kubernetes environment.