Concourse build details never load on 4.2.3


Hello! I am facing a concourse issue that seemingly popped out of nowhere as it used to work when I first installed concourse.

My issue is that any build’s details will take forever to load (especially the /events call to the API). Every other part of the page loads correctly and fast, but any details do not. The jobs go through normally and there is not slow-down of the build process (just the output of steps missing).

I have installed concourse though the stable/helm chart repository, using image 4.2.3 and helm chart version 3.8.0, and it’s running on google GKE.

I have purged and re-created the database, and it doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

Any related issues that I found were too old or not related to this version, however I did follow the steps here ( to clear the postgres database just in case, with no luck however (also the postgress metrics seem fine on GCP).

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Update 2: Turns out it was an ingress problem. This manifested once we switched ingress controllers and reverting that change fixed it.