Concourse 5.0 set up issue with AWS


Hi Guys,
We have been trying to setup concourse 5.0.0 (we already set up 4.2.2) in our AWS. We have created two instances one is for web and another is for worker. We are able to see the site up and running but we are not able to run our pipeline. we checked the logs and noticed that worker throwing the below error.

Workerr.beacon.forward-conn.failed-to-dial","data":{"addr":"","error":"dial tcp connect: connection refused","network":"tcp","session":"9.1.4"}}

We are assuming worker is struggling to connect to web instance and wondering if this could be due to missing gdn configuration. we want to try --garden-config file to see if that fixes the problem.

can somebody suggest how do we write garden config file ?


we figured it out , it was the issue with gdn(garden binary) which was not configured. we had to include CONCOURSE_BIND_IP=xx.xx.x.x ( IP where your gdn is located) and CONCOURSE_BIND_PORT=7777 ( gdn's port) in wroker.env file.