Concourse 4 is not showing teams in UI


Hi, I have a fresh installation of Concourse 4 up and running.
However, after successfully created a team using fly, it still doesn’t show up in the web interface.

I can login with my local admin and with github. Not even when I authenticate with these user it’s showing a list of teams.

Has this option been removed in latest version? What am I doing wrong?



That’s very strange, it should definitely show you the team if you’re whitelisted against the team & pipeline you created. Things I’d check:

  • Verify that your set-team command correctly specified the user/team/org/group/whatever you intended. I’ve been hit a few times by specifying github teams as org/team instead of org:team. Yes, the syntax changed and is starting to give me headaches
  • While logged in with fly, try viewing the list of teams and their details using fly -t <target> teams -d and double checking if the team you expect is listed. If its listed but not on the UI, then there might be a bug
  • Finally, logout and login again. There’s a bug where if you’re logged in as a user and then create the team, you have to logout and login again before seeing the pipeline. This is in issue