Concourse 4.0.0 fails to start with message "server: no connectors specified"



I am trying to configure Concourse 4.0.0 with Google OAuth 2.0.

I have set the following environment variables:


However, concourse web fails to start with error message “server: no connectors specified”.

Does that error message mean that there is no authentication connector specified? How to configure Concourse to use the OAuth 2.0 authentication provider?

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Hi, I’m also seeing a “server: no connectors specified” error message.
(At the moment I’m trying to follow the instructions at

I’m only dipping my toes in the concourse water, so am prepared to wait for a week or two while the documentation catches up with the 4.0.0 release.


Keep in mind that the DigitalOcean tutorial you are referencing is out-of-sync and probably won’t work with the latest (4.0.0) concourse release. It’s best to follow the internal documentation:

Having said that - have you guys tested the GitHub authentication:

I’m just asking, because it was very easy to configure and worked for me. The latest concourse release did forced me to change my deployment config a bit to get it all working again, though.


Thanks for the reply - I was keen to try the LDAP authentication, which hasn’t made the internal documentation (yet) that I can see. I’ll keep an eye out for changes, though!


You are probably right - there is some minimalistic amount of documentation in the cli help about LDAP (you could for example run docker run concourse/concourse web --help to view that)


@r-chris thans for the hint. I ran into the same question and created a full working ldap example in my concourse boilerplate or more deep

it includes a concourse test setup with ldap (and vault and such) and also includes a test ldap server to test against - i guess thats the best way to understand the ldap settings / values. See the ldap test server docs github com/EugenMayer/docker-image-ldapexample to understand the server counterpart.

I included the user filter setup and the group setup, but actually it seems like either group assignements are not working, or assining main-users using a ldap group is not working ( CONCOURSE_MAIN_TEAM_LDAP_GROUP ).

But for the big parts, its all there and working.

Maybe the rancher-catalog is even more descriptive with the docs, try those github com/EugenMayer/docker-rancher-extra-catalogs/blob/master/templates/concourseci-cluster/25/rancher-compose.yml#L50

I guess the docs for ldap will be up in recent future anyway