Concourse 3.14.1 version of embedded git_resource


My team maintains a Concourse 3.14.1 deployment and I was experimenting with the git_resource.
I noticed that “short_ref” are not available in our deployment UNLESS I specify the latest version of git_resource through the resource_types block in my pipeline.

As far as I understand the Concourse binaries ships with embedded docker images for the “base” resources (eg git, semver, s3 etc…). I was wondering is there a way to know which version those embedded images are for a certain Concourse version?

Also, are there any possible unwanted side-effects of specifying in our pipelines a given version (or even the latest) of a base resource?



Timely! I just finished doing which introduces individual versions for each resource type. I’ve shipped v1.0.0 of the git resource with the code as it is today, so you should be able to safely pin to that version in your pipelines.

Later releases (after the next one, 4.2.0) will make note of which resource versions they embed. Right now they’re just hashes with no tags on Docker Hub, but with the issue I linked finished there will now be proper semver tags.


Thank you for your reply!


Where is this noted in 4.2.1+?


It’ll be in 4.3 actually, 4.2.1 was just a security patch release.