Concourse 3.14.1 pipeline error failed to create volume



sinds 2 weeks we have in some pipeline’s this “failed to create volume”


  • name: concourse version: 3.14.1
  • name: garden-runc version: 1.17.0
  • name: haproxy version: 9.3.0
  • name: postgres version: “31”
  • alias: trusty os: ubuntu-trusty version: “3586.57”
  • alias: trusty-old os: ubuntu-trusty version: “3586.56”


Hello, I suggest to upgrade to 4.2.1.


is there a good migration script for 3.14.1 to 4.2.1? we have a lot of pipelines


If you are referring to the database, “concourse web” will do the migration for you. It is still a good idea to take a db dump before, so that you can roll back. To do the migration in a more controlled way, you can use concourse migrate. Run concourse migrate --help for the options.

On the other hand, pay attention to the auth system, it has changed. To be sure you can do the following:

  • take a db dump
  • load the db dump in a dev postgres
  • bring up concourse 4.2.1 with the dev postgres (first concourse migrate, then concourse web). This will allow you to validate how to perform the authentication.
  • upgrade prod.


Thanks, we use UAA. thats a b#tch…


Hi Raymond,

we migrated from 3.14.0 to 4.4.2 a month ago on our staging environment (BOSH cluster, basic auth) without much problems during migration.

But we experienced a lot of problems with the workers on 4.x and haven’t updated our production Concourse cluster (still on 3.14) so far.

We often need to prune stalled worker or recreate the Concourse cluster on our 4.4.2 staging env.