Chef cookbook pipeline - nested containers



I’ll start by saying I am very new to Concourse :grin: (I have some Jenkins experience from my last job).

I need to utilize test-kitchen to test our Chef cookbooks. The most standard way to do this is by using vagrant and VirtualBox to spin up VMs. This is a poor fit for Concourse and its containerized approach. There is also another standard way to test using Docker and the kitchen-dokken or kitchen-docker plugin. Which brings us to my topic of nested containers.

I know that there are ways to do this in Travis CI as Chef does this themselves for their cookbooks. (See an example here). Does the Concourse community have a recommended approach for this? I couldn’t find much from a Google search nor from a search of these forums.



I just had a thought to try and use the kitchen-ec2 driver to avoid actually running the functional tests in concourse. Wondering if that would be my path of least resistance here.