Cent OS 8 Issues .. dadoo: no such file or directory

I’ve been trying to get Concourse v.6.3.0 deployed to a new Cent OS 8 vm for the past few days. It’s going poorly. After muddling my way through SE linux fixes, and now, basically disabling it for the moment - there’s an odd issue: I keep getting errors that are looking for files under /var/gdn/assets/linux/(bin|sbin)… but there’s nothing in either of those, and sbin was missing entirely until I added it.

I feel like maybe I missed an installation step or something, but I can’t figure out what. I can get past some of the missing files from the above path by symlinking to the binaries (first was iptables, then runc), but now it’s hitting this for the file dadoo and I have no idea what to do. I think I’m getting off-track.

It seems like something needs to be installed, or extracted or something… Any help would be appreciated, it’s sooo close to running properly I can feel it.

Backend error: Exit status: 500, message: {"Type":"","Message":"fork/exec /var/gdn/assets/linux/bin/dadoo: no such file or directory","Handle":"","ProcessID":"","Binary":""}

Well, I was never able to resolve this issue. Something about the Garden gdn binary wasn’t working right in one way or another as far as I could tell.
My resolution was to just run concourse as a docker container. My life got much easier after that choice. Wish I could’ve gotten it going on the metal, but it does the job for now.