Can't view attempt windows in UI

In a task, can’t view any but the last attempt, for a task with attempts > 1

Concourse 5.2 UI. Example code:

  • task: my job
    attempts: 2 # <-- can’t see the first attempt if it fails
    task: my-taskfile

That looks correct to me. Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the UI?

See I can’t “see” the contents of the 1st tab/attempt like I could in concourse 3.13

I suspect it’s because the step is orange rather than red meaning that it failed to initialise the container for the task. I’m not sure what change happened between Concourse 3 and 4 that would have made this fail to render in this case. I have definitely seen attempts appear properly in the UI on Concourse >4 when the step errors on execution (red).

In your case the error on attempt 1 is almost certainly the same interpolation error you see on attempt 2.

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Many thanks for the thoughts, will play with it some more to see if we can figure