Can Concourse be used to deliver to non-cloud environments?

Can Concourse be used to deliver to non-cloud environments? And, if so, is there any existing pipeline examples, documentation or how too’s on how one might use concourse in non-cloud environments?

I’m not sure what you mean. Do you have examples of “non-cloud” workloads that you have in mind?

As stated in the docs “Concourse is a pipeline-based continuous thing-doer.” You can create Concourse pipelines to do pretty much anything.

If you are referring to deploying Concourse itself then there are a number of methods to get the system running ranging from running it as a go binary to using BOSH/K8S.

Yes - concourse is cloud-agnostic. All you need is a docker-engine to run concourse and you can use it to deploy to any kind of environment. There is a very useful tutorial that has all non-cloud examples:

Hey guys, thanks for the quick responses. The non-cloud workloads I am thinking about involves deploying a build packages to a gaggle of Ubuntu servers that are behind different VPNs depending on customer and geo. Same build package, different customers and geo’s. All of these are on-prem, non-cloud servers. In the last few days I have seen references to resources that can be used to get past VPN authentication. If these resources are what I think they are, they may get us past our first hurtle. @bnoorduin, thanks for the concourse link. I think I’ll have some time tomorrow to check that out. Thanks guys, all good questions and resources.

Sure thing and yes if the VPN auth causes a problem in your scenario it’s pretty straightforward to adapt the in/out/check scripts of your target resource image to handle that. Concourse is pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it. On the other hand if you have just a single pipeline then might as well do it in ansible over ssh (not certain what a gaggle is exactly in terms of a quantity - but ansible can deploy in parallel as well)