BOSH VM names vs Concourse Worker Names


We are deploying Concourse to Openstack using BOSH. Right now, I’m discussing concourse 3.8.0.
We have noted human_readable_vm_names: true within our CPI settings, which makes finding the instances associated with our deployments easy.

But, we are now wondering how we can determine what BOSH instance equates to what fly-listed worker.

We perceive that there may be a similarity in names, where BOSH instance
worker/558e7d81-026b-408e-8b26-745cd36afa0c running z1
may be the same as fly worker
558e7d81-32df-4d25-a62f-f47c902e4316 4 linux none none running 1.2, but we are not certain.

In groundworker.json, we can see "name":"558e7d81-HOSTNAME_REPLACE_ME", so we may be on to something here, but are we?

Thank you


Yep, the first segment of the GUID is the same, so they can be correlated. We can’t use the full GUID because BOSH reuses the instance GUID across recreates, hence using the hostname for the rest.