[blog post] Temporary override of Concourse pipeline parameters


Sometimes we would like to override some parameters of a Concourse pipeline on a reversible/temporary manner, that is, without committing the changes to a git repository.

For example, we are debugging a pipeline failure and we would like to temporarily change the build flags. We would like to avoid to temporarily commit these changes in the feature branch, to reduce the risk to then merge these changes to the master branch by mistake.

See the post at https://www.orsolabs.com/post/temporary-override-of-concourse-pipeline-parameters/


You mean the Pipeline, or the code being built in the Pipeline.

Changing a Pipeline is easy, just edit the YAML files and use the Fly CLI to upload the changed file to your Concourse Server - use a different name if you want to keep a clean build history.

No need to commit to Git AFAIKS - at least I never needed to do that.