BitBucket resources not being pulled in?


So I’m working on a Windows machine and using VirtualBox to run an Ubuntu instance and followed this guide to setting up Concourse

My YML for my pipeline is basically just one service and a job to run unit tests and am setting my pipeline by passing in a secrets.yml with my private-key in it

Do I need to do something more for Bitbucket to allow to pull that resource in?
I feel like it might have something to do with my worker? Find screenshots below any help would be appreciated



Some logs from the worker status when it tried to pull one of the services
This is for the small python service I’m pulling in

If more detail is needed I can provide


Are the credentials you’re passing to your resource correct for accessing that bitbucket repo? Your error is the same one you would get in that scenario.


Yeah i.e. the secret key. Looks like I resolved it by adding CONCOURSE_GARDEN_DNS_SERVER= to my worker.env file as I was using virtual box and it auto maps the Garden DNS to which I don’t want apparently.
However, now I’m getting an error when I run a task which is basically this:

pipenv install --dev
pipenv run python -m pytest


The error message is telling you what’s wrong, like if you were in a Unix shell. You have to make the script executable: chmod +x ci/ and commit to git.


I have chmod’d it then commited it to my BitBucket repo but I still get the same error?

Successfully pulls the docker stuff it needs but then still get permission denied in Concourse?

I even tried to set privileged: true but still no luck? I’m running all this in an Ubuntu VM has it got something to do with my network?

path: ci/
dir: python-service

That is in my yml file i.e. task.yml

UPDATE: looks like on windows it doesn’t actually update the permissions so I had to do
git update-index --chmod +x to actually update the permissions on my python-service